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List of cut off points for Joint Admissions Board Public Universities Uganda 2010/2011

List of cut off points for Joint Admissions Board Public Universities Uganda 2010/2011

The Joint Admissions Board JAB released the cut off points for government sponsored courses in public universities. The Public Universities for which cut off points are released below include Kyambogo University (KYU), Makerere University (Mak), Busitema University (Bus), Gulu University (GU), Makerere University Business School (MUBS) and Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST). Below is a list of the courses and cut off points in the respective universities.




Programme                                                                                        Univ    Code   Cut-off

1 Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance                                   KYU      AFD      48.3

2 Bachelor of Vocational Studies in Agriculture with Education KYU      AGD     34.2

3 Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering                                   Mak      AGE      44.6

4 Bachelor of Agribusiness Management                                               Mak      AGM     46.5

5 Bachelor of Science in Agriculture                                                       Mak      AGR      37.6

6 Bachelor of Art and Industrial Design                                                 KYU      AID     45.4

7 Bachelor of Agricultural Mechanisation and Irrigation Engineering      Bus       AMI      44.0

8 Bachelor of Engineering in Automotive & Power Eng.                         KYU      APD      47.7

9 Bachelor of Architecture                                                                     Mak      ARC      52.7

10 Bachelor of Administrative and Secretarial Science                            KYU      ASD      46.9

11 Bachelor of Agricultural Land use and Management                         Mak      BAM     36.4

12 Bachelor of Animal Production Technology and Management           Mak      BAP      37.4

13 Bachelor of Business Computing                                                      MUBS   BBC     54.3

14 Bachelor of Business Administration                                                 MUBS   BBD      54.0

15 Bachelor of Business Administration                                                 GU        BBG      44.7

16 Bachelor of Science in Business Statistics                                          Mak      BBS      52.3

17 Bachelor of Science in Conservation Biology                                     Mak      BCB     38.6

18 Bachelor of Community Forestry                                                      Mak      BCF      31.6

19 Bachelor of Catering and Hotel Management                                    MUBS   BCM     43.6

20 Bachelor of Community Psychology                                                 Mak      BCO      53.7

21 Bachelor of Computer Engineering                                                   Bus     BCT      47.2

22 Bachelor of Dental Surgery                                                              Mak      BDS      43.0

23 Bachelor of Environmental Health Science                                        Mak      BEH      42.2

24 Bachelor of Economics and Statistics                                                KYU      BEK      50.4

25 Bachelor of Entrepreneurship & Small Business Mgt                         MUBS   BES      53.7

26 Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Aquaculture                              Mak      BFS     33.2

27 Bachelor of Guidance and Counselling                                              KYU      BGD     53.2

28 Bachelor of International Business                                                   MUBS   BIB       54.7

29 Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry                          Mak      BIC       47.2

30 Bachelor of Office and Information Management                              MUBS   BIM      53.8

31 Bachelor of Industrial and Organisation Psychology                         Mak      BIP       53.5

32 Bachelor of Information Technology                                                Mak      BIT       52.6

33 Bachelor of Science in Land Economics                                            KYU      BLD      46.8

34 Bachelor of Leisure and Hospitality Management                              MUBS   BLH      53.3

35 Bachelor of Environment Science Technology & Mgt                        KYU      BMD     43.9

36 Bachelor of Science in Medical Radiography                                     Mak      BMR     38.3

37 Bachelor of Science in Population Studies                                        Mak      BPS      53.3

38 Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Economics                                 Mak      BQE      51.0

39 Bachelor of Records & Archives Management (Science)                    Mak      BRA      39.0

40 Bachelor of Records & Archives Management (Arts)              Mak      BRA      53.4

41 Bachelor of Business Studies with Education                                    KYU      BSD      41.1

42 Bachelor of Sports Science                                                               Mak      BSP      50.9

43 Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering                                    Mak      BSW     52.2

44 Bachelor of Science Technology(Biology)                                         KYU      BTD      30.4

45 Bachelor of Environmental Science                                                   Mak      BVS      43.0

46 Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering                                            Mak      CIV       50.8

47 Bachelor of Commerce                                                                     Mak      COE      48.0

48 Bachelor of Commerce                                                                     MUBS   COM     45.6

49 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science                                          Mak      CSC      52.3

50 Bachelor of Science Technology (Chemistry)                                    KYU      CTD      31.4

51 Bachelor of Arts in Development Economics                                     Mak      DEC      53.3

52 Bachelor of Developmental Studies                                                  GU        DES      53.7

53 Bachelor of Arts in Drama                                                                Mak      DRM     52.5

54 Bachelor of Science in Building Economics                                        KYU      EBD      44.8

55 Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and Building Eng.                            KYU      ECD      51.5

56 Bachelor of Arts in Economics                                                          Mak      ECO      46.7

57 Bachelor of Arts with Education-Literature                                       Mak      EDA      52.4

58 Bachelor of Arts with Education-Kiswahili                                         Mak      EDA      53.0

59 Bachelor of Arts with Education-French                                            Mak      EDA     50.1

60 Bachelor of Arts with Education-German                                          Mak      EDA      51.5

61 Bachelor of Science with Education-Biological                                   Mak      EDB      34.0

62 Bachelor of Science with Education-Physical                                     Mak      EDP      42.8

63 Bachelor of Science with Education-Economics                                 Mak      EEC      43.1

64 Bachelor of Engineering in Environmental Engineering                     KYU      EEP      47.0

65 Bachelor of Arts in Economics                                                          KYU      EKD      47.6

66 Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering                                     Mak      ELE      53.3

67 Bachelor of Eng. in Mech. and Manufacturing Eng.                           KYU      EMD     48.5

68 Bachelor of Science with Education                                                  KYU      ESD      43.3

69 Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunication Eng.                        KYU      ETD      51.8

70 Bachelor of Industrial and Fine Arts                                      Mak      FIN       45.7

71 Bachelor of Science in Forestry                                                         Mak      FOR      34.1

72 Bachelor of Science in Food Processing Technology                         KYU      FPD      39.3

73 Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology                        Mak      FST      40.2

74 Bachelor of Science Education- Biological                                         GU        GBE      33.1

75 Bachelor of Science Education – Economics                          GU        GEE      43.5

76 Bachelor of Quantitative Economics                                                 GU        GQE     46.8

77 Bachelor of Sci. Education- Sports Education(Double Main)             GU        GSS      27.8

78 Bachelor of Agriculture                                                                     GU        GUA      36.3

79 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery                                  GU        GUM     43.7

80 Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics                       KYU      HND     41.2

81 Bachelor of Science in Horticulture                                                   Mak      HOT     37.6

82 Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and Management                        KYU      IED      48.0

83 Bachelor of Information Systems                                                     Mak      ISD     48.4

84 Bachelor of Information Technology and Computing                       KYU      ITD      50.0

85 Bachelor of Laws                                                                              Mak      LAW     55.3

86 Bachelor of Library and Information Science (Science)                      Mak      LIS       28.1

87 Bachelor of Library and Information Science (Arts)                           Mak      LIS      53.9

88 Bachelor of Science in Sports and Leisure Management                    KYU      LMD     50.5

89 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor Surgery                          Mak      MAM     45.6

90 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery                                  MUST   MBM     44.7

91 Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering                                 Mak      MEC     48.7

92 Bachelor of Micro Finance                                                          KYU      MFD    48.1

93 Bachelor of Biomedical Laboratory Technology                                Mak      MLT      43.4

94 Bachelor of Arts in Music                                                                  Mak      MUS     40.3

95 Bachelor of Science in Nursing                                                         MUST   NUM-F 42.0

96 Bachelor of Science in Nursing                                                         MUST   NUM-M 42.6

97 Bachelor of Science (Nursing)                                                           Mak      NUR-F 42.6

98 Bachelor of Science (Nursing)                                                           Mak      NUR-M             44.8

99 Bachelor of Pharmacy                                                                      Mak      PHA      46.0

100 Bachelor of Pharmacy                                                                    MUST   PHM    46.2

101 Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics Management                      KYU      PLD      48.5

102 Bachelor of Procurement and Supply Chain Management               MUBS   PSM     55.2

103 Bachelor of Science Technology (Physics)                                       KYU      PTD      38.0

104 Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science                                          Mak      SAS      45.7

105 Bachelor of Business studies                                           KYU      SBD    47.1

106 Bachelor of Science-Biological                                                        Mak      SCB      34.7

107 Bachelor of Science Education                                                        Bus     SCE      35.7

108 Bachelor of Science in Construction Management                           Mak      SCM     48.0

109 Bachelor of Science-Physical                                                           Mak      SCP      44.9

110 Bachelor of Science Education (Biological)                          MUST   SEB     31.2

111 Bachelor of Science-Economics                                                      Mak      SEC      46.1

112 Bachelor of Science in Education- Physical                          GU        SEG      41.5

113 Bachelor of Science Education (Physical)                                        MUST   SEP      39.5

114 Bachelor of Sci. in Surveying and Land Information Systems          KYU      SLD      48.5

115 Bachelor of Science in Land Economics                                          Mak      SLE      49.8

116 Bachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying                          Mak      SQS      51.2

117 Bachelor of Statistics                                                                      Mak      STA      39.5

118 Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications Engineering                 Mak      STE      54.1

119 Bachelor of Science in Surveying                                                    Mak      SUR      49.3

120 Bachelor of Science in Textile and Clothing Technology                  KYU      TCD      43.1

121 Bachelor of Science in Texile Engineering                                       BUS      TEX      43.9

122 Bachelor of Vocational Studies in Arts and Design with Educ.         KYU      VAD      30.7

123 Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine                                                     Mak      VET      41.1

124 Bachelor of Educ. in Vocational Studies (Home Economics)            KYU      VHD     35.9

125 Bachelor of Voc. Studies in Technological Studies with Educ.          KYU      VTD      42.4

126 Bachelor of Science in Wild Life Health and Management                Mak      WHM    35.9

127 Bachelor of Science in Wood Science and Technology                    Mak      WST     33.3

Alfred Masikye Namoah


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