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Uganda Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development policy documents

The Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development derives its mandate and functions from the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda and other related subordinate laws, including; the Budget Act (2001), the Public Finance and Accountability Act (2003) and acts establishing agencies and auxiliary organisations. Accordingly, the Ministry plays a pivotal role in the co-ordination of development planning; mobilisation of public resources; and ensuring effective accountability for the use of such resources for the benefit of all Ugandans.

Here are key documents on Uganda’s economic and financial issues.

Annual Economic Performance Report 2009_10

Inflation in the EAC January 2011

Uganda MDG Report 2010

National Development Plan

GOAR Annual Report FY 2007-08

GOU Manual

MOFPED Adoption of Standards
Audit Committee Charter
Charter for Internal Audit
Code of Ethics for GOU Internal Auditors
Public Financial Management Performance Report 2008 – Final Report
Approved Budget Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure FY 2009/10
Budget Act 2001
National Budget Framework Paper FY 2009/10 – FY 2013/2014
Uganda’s Economic and Financial Overview 2007-08
Local Governments (Financial & Accounting) Regulations 2007
Local Governments Internal Audit Manual 2007
Electronic Funds Transfer FAQs
Road Fund FAQ
Principles of a Road Fund

Uganda Economic and Finance Policy Documents

PMAU – 2008,Briefing Paper 8 The Prevalence and Effects of Mortgaging and Caveating in Uganda

PMAU – 2008, Briefing Paper 7 The Potential and the Problems of SMEs in Uganda

PMAU – 2008, Briefing Paper 6 Inequality in Uganda Beyond Income

PMAU – 2007, Briefing Paper 5 Wage Determination and Gender Discrimination

PMAU – 2007, Briefing Paper 4 Literacy rates – Why the Stagnation?

PMAU – 2007, Briefing Paper 3 Service Delivery in Uganda and its Impact on Inequality

PMAU – 2007, Briefing Paper 2 Gender Inequality

PMAU – 2007, Briefing Paper 1 Strategies for Generating Employment
Discussion paper
August 2008, Discussion paper No. 5 – Gender and Social Protection in Uganda

July 2008, Discussion Paper 15 – Enhancing the Competitiveness of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Uganda

July 2008, Policy Brief – Gender Dynamics in Agriculture in Uganda: What Are the Key Policy Considerations?

November 2006, Discussion Paper No.12 – Strategies for generating Employment in Uganda

August 2006, Discussion Paper 11 – Gender Inequality in Uganda: The status, causes and effects

October 2005, Discussion Paper No.10 – Child Poverty in Uganda: Issues for Policy

July 2005, Discussion Paper – Millennium Development Goals: Uganda?s Prospects of achieving them

July 2005, Discussion Paper 15 – Prevalence and effects of Mortgaging and Caveating Land in Uganda

August 2004, Discussion paper No. 8 – Post-conflict Reconstruction: The Case of Northern Uganda,

March 2002, Discussion paper No. 5 – Challenges and Prospects for Poverty Reduction in Northern Uganda

Infant and Maternal Mortality Task Force Report

Discussion paper no.7 – An Overview of the National Economy

The Public Finance and Accountability Act, 2003

Current Publications

The Planned Electronic Funds Transfer System

Employee EFT details Form
Supplier EFT details Form
PEAP 2005
URA Amendment Bill 2005
The Value Added Tax Rate of Tax Order 2005
The Value Added Tax Amendment Bill 2005
The Taxes and Duties Provisional Collection Order 2005
The Income Tax Amendment Bill 2005
The Excise Tariff Amendment Bill 2005


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  1. catherine Nalwoga Reply

    October 19, 2012 at 9:13 am

    i would like to know if there are any scholarships in the ministry of finance i am a finance student at Kyambogo University but i would like to know if can get help and assistance from ministry of finance and training for my course . i will be glad when my request is considered

    thank you


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